i recently tried out my friends digitech RP 250 and realy like it so i am thinking of buying a digital effects processor, but first i have two questions about them

1) what are the pros and cons about them?
2) and between the BOSS ME 20 and DIGITECH RP 350 which one should i purchase?
ME-20. Itrs only effects, not amp models, so if you dont use a distortion/overdrive patch, it will still sound like its your amp and not a model of your amp.
ME-20 does not have USB or any of that fancy stuff. It's strictly an effects processor, from what I know. It does effects, and distortion, but it doesn't have a USB, and it's not a modelling unit like the RP350. Personally, I think it would be much easier to have an ME-20, because it's just knobs, whereas with the RP you need to menu scroll. If at all possible, however, you should really save up and wait for an ME-50. It's much better than the ME-20.
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I'd save the money for a pedalboard rather than a multi effect. But thats just me. The ME-20 will sound more natural so I'd go for that if you were set on getting a multifx
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