I will be getting a Esp Kh-503 very soon and im going to start modding it right when i get it. So heres the question... Which Licensed Floyd do yall think is better? The one thats in the KH-503 or the First Edition Ibanez Edge I have from my other Ibanez project? Or should i stick my edge III in it i heard the quality is amazing... (lol just joking about that last part)

This is going to be my main guitar since im getting rid of or parting out my RG370dx. Due to my project guitar im building being the same guitar as the 370 but 100% better quality...

What are your opinions? And yes i know a original floyd is the way to go. But im not trying to throw alot of cash at this guitar just yet... Only upgrading the pickups to emg's and maybe the tremolo swap.
LFR no go OFR Yes.
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^ you know what an edge is, right?

i'd have thought the edge is better. many people prefer it to an OFR. EDIT: though the edge might not fit in the route you have.

edge III probably isn't that great.
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