I hope this is the right place to post this. Here's my deal:

I've been highly motivated to write my own song (for my girlfriend) because how she told me she would do anything to have a song written for her, and I want to grant this for her.

Inspired by the intro for I'll Be by Edwin Mccain, I have a picking that I would like to go throughout the entire song. Where I'm stuck is I want to add a strumming over it, something that flows nicely and has a sweet, soft melody.

If that needs some clarification, ask and I'll gladly try and re-word it. Also, if you are interested in helping me, let me know and I will send you my recording of the tapping I have so you can hear me playing it and strum something along to it.

If interested, let me know here and shoot me a PM and I'll get in contact with you. I'm not asking for a full project from anyone, just like i mentioned, a nice strumming to go along with what I already have. Nothing complex. If I can just get a push start from someone, I can take it from there.

I really appreciate the consideration. Means a lot to me, and will mean even more to her :]

Hey man, you're pretty close, but just stick this in the techniques forum (the sister forum to this one) and you'll get the answers you require.

You might wanna include your guitar part in the repost, this will probably encourage people to help. If you can too, just give the rules the once over so you're clear on what is allowed.

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