first of all your chord progression is lacking a chord, which kinda makes it sound a bit odd. also the tempo you're playing/singing the song is quite slow, which kinda makes your vocals sound a bit whailing. i'm sure that could be cured somewhat by increasing the tempo. i dont know what your original voice sounds like, it just sounds like you was going for thoms vocals a bit too much in this, and not putting your own voice into it. there's no doubt you can nail the pitches, but dont let your falsetto pitch stray, you still have to put a fair amount of punch into that note. Covered it myself, in my profile if it helps hearing a different voice to the song.

edit: loved my hero btw! couldnt put the guitar down after hearing it
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Yo i didnt realize i was doing the progression wrong. well i figured it out now and man the singin is like SO much easyer now, awsome. I replaced that other one with a new version. Its not perfect yet but man its is SO SO much better i just refell in love with this song.