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Yes sounds kind of like an oxy moron but there are some pretty cool teachers. Mine is definetly the Guidance consuelor who listens to Metallica, Dream Theater and other awesome bands plus he sets us up to play at our school dances.
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My current math teacher's awesomeness cannot be expressed with mere words.
My third grade teacher. He was old and creepy, but awesome. He used to let me ride in the back of his old station wagon and he gave me lots of candy.
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Master Chief, Major (Naval Science/ROTC teachers) and my 7th grade History teacher Mr. J
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There is a science teacher at my school who saw my Symphony X shirt one day and broke out into the chorus of "Inferno." The next day I had a Nightwish shirt, and he stopped in the corridor and started to sing Marco's part of "I Wish I Had An Angel."

life is beautifuuuuooooaaaaaal
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My third grade teacher. He was old and creepy, but awesome. He used to let me ride in the back of his old station wagon and he gave me lots of candy.

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My English teacher's pretty sweet, and so is my Science teacher. She let's us use our cellphones and iPods whenever. I guess that's pretty cool.
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I posted this in the last one, but yeah, some old dude in a McDonalds in Alabama called me an aardvark.

My (female) english teacher was apparently singing a System of a Down song one day, listens to 97x, and watches Family Guy. All on top of having a very fun class.
my art teacher once brought in his book of drawings he did while on acid once. he also tagged up my school
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My english teacher played guitar while a few of my classholes and i sang afternoon delight. Thats pretty cool.
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I had a socials teacher who was awesome. He made fun of so many kids it was hilarious. One day me and my buddy were cutting through his yard (I lived on the other side and my family was friends with theres) and he was just getting back from school, just like us. Well we both picked up snowballs and I ask

"what would you do if we hit you with a snowball?"

"I'd kill you"
so I dropped my snowball. My buddy then hurls his snowball (after making another to make it look like I chucked mine) and it went right down his shirt, we ran fast..
I delivered fliers for a long while so during my route I dropped of a six pack of beer the next morning. He still amde socials hell fo rboth of us.
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My English teacher. She drives a '76 Corvette (which is filled with AC/DC cd's,) loves hard rock, and if you were to talk to her on the phone you would think she's 21.
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I had a psychotic English professor. He was a raging madman, and was more passionate about poetry then any straight grown man should be.
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my art teacher is way cooler he keeps telling my class they shoud legalize it and weed is the greatest thing ever AND me and my friends have smoked a bowl with him
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theres 3 really cool teachers at my school
theres also 4 awesome subs
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These are pretty good.

I'd say I had a history teacher, who I told in an english accent:

"The only reason people don't like Yoko is because she's oriental and she's a woman."

He responded:

"No, the only reason people dont like Yoko is because she's ugly and has no talent.
1. The Arts Dept. Head at my school. Easily the best musician I have ever met (He can literally play every instrument in our concert band better than any member of that concert band.) He listens to Jazz Fusion and is constantly showing me all of these crazy groups and bands.

2. History teacher, puts Rush trivia on tests for bonus marks. 'Nuff said.
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My physics teacher was totally rad. The kind of teacher to go out of her way to help out a kid in need. Then she died, and she was like in her twenties . . .
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lol dude my math teacher is awesome.

-She has an Xbox360 Gamer tag

-she came in close to first place in a Halo tournament

-she HELD a Halo tournament at our school in her classroom (there were 4 huge screens, like 6 Xboxes and a whole lot of teams).

-She believes everything can be linked to sexual innuendo (and trys to prove it alot, even to other teachers who unfortunately dont find it as funny as her )

oh and I also had a Geography teacher in Junior High who loved Dream Theater and let me bring and play my guitar in class everyday.

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Also, I had a science teacher in sevnenth, and one day this kid didn't know what to do in current events.

Teacher: Well what do you like to do when you're at home?

Kid: Well I like to...

Teacher: If you say 'masturbate', I'm gonna give you lunch duty.

Kid: *speechless*
these teachers sound awesome.

my like art teacher questions like everything you do and like's awesome bands.
Most of my teachers at my school. My Civics teacher used to be in a band and listens to stuff like Killswitch Engage. My math teacher is cool because she lets us bring our guitars in every friday and jam all day and she passes me for doing nothing but sleep and play guitar. I love alternative ed.
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There is a science teacher at my school who saw my Symphony X shirt one day and broke out into the chorus of "Inferno." The next day I had a Nightwish shirt, and he stopped in the corridor and started to sing Marco's part of "I Wish I Had An Angel."

dude!....that's awesome....there's a supervisor at my school who I saw at a symphony x show, it was nuts. Well my favorite teachers would be my english teacher from last year, Mr. Herrera. He was very clever, and he told the whole class once "He is a very intelligent man, he reads books about life and philosophy, and on top of that, he's an excellent musician", that made my day =].
My literature teacher Ms. H-C. She's a kind-of-old woman, but she's really cool. She's into really good jazz music and reads a lot of good ****. She's also really smart, which is cool, so she has a soft spot for the lazy slacker who's intelligent but doesn't do any of his work. Which is also pretty cool.
Oh yeah... another time a teacher was teaching us a vocab word that sort of sounded like prostitute, and she said:

"To remember what it means, think of prostitutes, they go down..."
there's a chemistry teacher in my school, Mr. Dumont who's a really cool guy. he sits there and makes fun of kids and other teachers, throws books at them, tells stories and jokes but somehow teaches you everything at the same time. i enjoyed class with him so much
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construction teacher - only said about 10 words to him all semester, he let me leave class whenever i wanted and walk around my school, and he also didnt care if i did my projects or not, as long they were eventually completed

comm tech teacher - lets me blast my death metal through the 3000 watt sound system
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the one...hmmm wats her name...the one that made out with science teacher is awesome...Mr Barney!
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My third grade teacher. He was old and creepy, but awesome. He used to let me ride in the back of his old station wagon and he gave me lots of candy.

free candy?

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My guitar teacher

'nuff said

Lol my guitar teacher listens to Nickelback and performs children's music.

My school teachers are pretty lame too.
It grade seven I said Van Halen was gay and my teacher made me go up in front of the class and say it. Then he got up on his desk and did a crazy air guitar solo.
two and a half men.
My old grade 6 teacher, turned my life around from a total slacker to a book worm, unleashing my inner nerd.

Also, my grade 9 English teacher. She was a lead singer/guitarist in a local rock band, and just an all around hottie. >.>
My English teacher is awesome. He's like, twenty-three, and just started teaching this semester. Our class is the first he's ever had. He lets us get away with all kinds of **** and pretends like he doesn't notice. An example would be the hand sanitizer fight we had today.
My senior project advisor who is the emotional support teacher is awesome. He plays guitar, and he used to live in California, and he has played with Reb Beach from Winger and Paul Gilbert. He keeps in touch with Reb but hasnt talked to Paul in a while. I was in awe when I found this out.
In 6th grade, my math teacher would throw stuff out the window. If you had a pen, whoop it was outta there. One kid brought the wrong binder...and then the teach went "ITS OUTTA HERE!", picked it up and threw it out the window. The kid had to go get it, but i was crying with laughter

I also had a wicked hot substitute teacher once in 8th grade. All I could think about the whole day was BOOBAYZ.

In 8th grade, my gym teacher was the man. He's all jacked up like Ah-nold and listens to Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, and and all 80's thrash.
My old guitar teacher was awesome. He sold me one of his Martins for $1000, specifically because he saw that I was becoming much more interested in acoustic guitar. He called it an investment.

I still talk to some of my teachers, and I even consider a couple of them as personal friends.
time machine. Inadvertently, I had created a
My english teacher was a hardcore druggie, he’s admitted to everyone that he “did”, still probably does, acid and a bunch of other ****.
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