hey guys...i have ****ty vista. i try to copy files from a data disc i burned onto my desktop and...it freezes. is there anything i can do to make it work? all my music is on it...im freaking out!
320 gig HD, 1 gig ddr2 ram, windows vista home premium...all my processes like internet explorer and aol instant messenger and everything of that sort works fine. im just trying to copy the data from this dic and...it wont do **** haha soo frustrating...it reads it to an extent...so i dont think i burned the disc incorrectly...
uhh.. dont run alot of programs when doing that? run absolutely NO programs.

usualy this helps me in freezing problems. or your vista got corrupted somehow.

EDIT: If the disk is burned incorrectly then that may be it.
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How the hell do you burn a disk to your desktop? If you make sense we might be able to help you out.
Nevermind. My reading comprehension phails and I'm in a bad mood.
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Quote by Ddrumx91
320 gig HD, 1 gig ddr2 ram, windows vista home premium

Hard drive capacity here is pretty irrelevant. What speed is your processor?