so.. i have a peavey valveking 112 and i wanna buy a pedal since i play a lot of metalcore. im planning on buying and OD pedal and my options are

-Digitech Bad Monkey
-Maxon OD808 and OD9
-Ibanez TS808 and TS9

tell me which one would fit better...
As someone who has owned a TS-9, presently owns a Bad Monkey, and has extensive experience with the 808, I honestly prefer the Bad Monkey over all of them. The TS-9 has a distinctive mid hump that's great for cutting through the mix, if that's what you're after. The Bad Monkey is closer to the 808 in sound, and is a bit darker and warmer sounding. It doesn't cut through quite as well as the TS-9, but it fattens up your tone a lot more than the latter. Some people (probably most of them) prefer the sound of the 808 over the Bad Monkey (I prefer the BM over all of them), but the reason that I suggest the BM is because it's dual EQ controls make it far more versatile.
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if you can afford it, an Ibanez, but if you play metalcore, i would suggest the Digitech Grunge over the Bad Monkey
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Well, if you're not on a tight budget, i'd suggest not getting the bad monkey. It's a great budget pedal, but you might as well get the best pedal if you can afford it. I'd suggest the Maxon OD9. It's essentially a ts-9, which is maybe a bit more modern sounding than the 808, and it's true bypass. If you like the 808 sound better, get the Maxon OD808.
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Maxon OD-808 FTW.

The bad monkey is a TS-9 clone, so if you perfer the 9 I would probably get that, but I perfer the 808. Also, Maxon is the original maker of the pedal and sells it for cheaper then Ibanez.

EDIT: ^^Digitech Grunge a VK can definitely do metalcore, especially with an OD.
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I have a EHX Metal Muff and a VK112 on the way.

Will the muff do the same thing as an OD pedal would to boost the gain or will it just add noise to the dirty channel and make it sound like junk?

I'm looking to tighten up the gain channel because i've owned a VK112 in the past. I went back to a solid state amp and a distortion pedal but i really want that 50W tube crazy sound again.

So, should i fork out the $50 for a bad monkey to boost the gain channel for death metal distortion? Or, should i keep the EXH MM for high gain?
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Maxon OD808 is the best in my opinion.

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Not tried the others but I have a bad monkey and I'm really impressed with it....Great price too....
The Bad Monkey is the best OD out there....under $50. Past that, look at a BBE Green Screamer...or the bog standard $100 TS9.
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I love my Tubescreamer and even more not that i have modded it. Now i did just find out they sell Modded Bad Monkey's too... Might be interesting..

Modded Bad Monkey? Where may I inquire about this? Haha.

I ended up getting the Bad Monkey and I play off a VK212. The OD on it is quite nice and I really do enjoy have 2 EQs to play around with.
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