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17 63%
10 37%
Voters: 27.
Here we go, the 2nd duel in the 2nd round!

This time is aetherspear vs. urik, and it will be a great one!

aetherspear: "All Your Love "

Urik: "Still Got the Blues"

May the best Bluesman win!

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Man those both were good all the way though, but I have to go with aetherspear. It was like he was channeling T-bone Walker. And I like the backing track.
have to go a with aetherspear as well, Urik, you could do so much more with the chords in that. It wasn't just a 12 bar.
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I'm gonna have to go with atherspear also. Sorry Urik
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Quote by ze monsta
I didn't like either of them...
So I'm not gonna vote until I'm persuaded otherwise
But good luck guys.

I actually agree with you on this one. I liked atherspear's a little bit more because it was less sloppy. But I really didn't enjoy either.

Sorry guys
Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way
I disagree with you guys. I liked them both, and I would definitely listen to aetherspears song again for fun.
Quote by urik
Epic phail is epic .

i don't care i voted for you
cose i really like your tone and style (quite like my own actually :P )

keep on rockin dude

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I liked them both, but my favourite style of blues is played by urik.

Es una cancion epica! jeje. te voto. enhorabuena!
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im gonna vote for urik, but both of you guys had better first round submissions. this was a bit of a bummer.

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aetherspear: While I liked yours, my perfect blues song has a much longer solo than the one you included, although your chord progression was nice.
Urik: I wasn't a fan of the start (I don't know why) or the length, but as the song progresses you display your talent of blues playing. I think you got a tad carried away (nearly 7 minutes?), I would've trunkated it to 5 minutes at the max. Either way though, it was a very well played piece.

Overall: I liked Urik's better because he displayed his skills fully, whereas I felt as if I was left guessing to the extent of your skill aether. Urik gets my vote.

To both of you: My advice is this: find a median between both of your songs. I liked aether's chord progressions and for the most part I liked your soloing Urik, but after 7 minutes of it it got a little monotonous.

Just my two cents though, take from it what you will.
Yeah that's a great advice. But well I think that it's better than my original idea of making the 13 mins "Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun" .
Though yeah I overplayed :\. Some minutes would be way better.
And congratulations Aetherspear (the duel isn't over but it's pretty obvious that you're going to win). It was a great entry.

Congratulations Aetherspear. Your entry was great .

EDIT: And best wishes for your next round.

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Congrats aetherspear

****, now I really have to get mine ready

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Both were very nice. If Urik's wasn't so sloppy I'd of gone for him, but aetherspear took it for me. Not that my opinion matters at this point.
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I'm really not sure which I like better, I like both a lot. I have to admit, I have a thing for the blues (no one usually sees this side of me though), and you guys both did great.
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