I have noticed really powerfull amps dont sound good until cranked. So if im gonna be playing loud, but in a bedroom scenario, what is my best choice for metal. Is it still the powerball?
jeez. problem is, metal sounds best at volume. even you use an attenuator, a lot of the awesomeness, for want of a better word, comes from those speakers being pushed.

the engl will (obviously) be too loud cranked. but if you think it sounds good enough at quieter volumes (and engls do seem to have pretty good-sounding pre-amp distortion, to my ears at least), then the powerball is probably a decent idea. don't get me wrong, it'll still sound better cranked up, but engls don't sound as flat at lower volumes as some high-wattage high-gainers.

might be worth looking into that mini-krank too, and see if there are any other lower wattage high gainers as well.
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