Yeah i've been playing guitar for about 2.5 months and I know this is a strange question to ask but I'm just curious if i need to push myself harder to get better at where I should be.

I can play alot of parts from Iron Man, the entire Sunshine of your Love song, wanted dead or alive intro, alot of smoke on the water, dust in the wind, sweet child o mine intro, limelight(Rush) intro, tell me baby(RHCP) intro, enter sandman beginning, other side(RHCP) intro, under the bridge(RHCP) intro, my my hey hey(Neil Young) full song, stairway to heaven majority of the song, 1/4th of glasgow kiss(John Petrucci) starting from the beginning, dont cry intro, carry on my wayward son most of the song, crazy train most of hte song, cat scratch fever intro, I walk the line and day tripper full song, goodnight kiss(Dream Theater) full song, another day(Dream Theater) full song, and the first like... 3:50 minutes of the glass prison(Dream Theater), alot of parts on octavarium(Dream Theater), peruvian skies(dream theater) lots of parts, last chance to evacuate planet earth before it is recycled(porcupine tree) full song, sweet home alabama intro and simple man intro, Back In Black full song but havent tried solo, highway to hell intro, and The Trees intro(Rush).

So my question is, is that progress for 2.5 months of guitar? i've been devoting 3 hours a day to guitar practice, and on weekends it can end up being 6 hours to a full saturday when I dont have a date.

Alot of the harder songs, specifically Dream Theater and John Petrucci I can't play clean on my first try. Usually takes me a few goes through to get the whole song correct! And the three hours a day thing is just an estimate. It all depends on if I have homework or if I have to work. I'm only 15 so both aren't all that much!! Also, I have no live as you can tell, and stay in my room from 3:00pm to 7:00AM basically.... Well, I have been because I haven't had a girlfriend for the past 3 months or so!

Aye and I also forgot to mention... I am from a HIGHLY musical family. Both sides have played guitar or piano and are very VERY good. But most of the songs on this list are intros it's not all that much...
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If you learned all that in 2.5 months you're either

A) Learning it half-assed

B) Will forget it soon

C) Actually spending more than three hours a day practising

In any case, that's really good if you're telling the truth, but I somehow doubt that.
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its progress if your a diff player then you were 2.5 months ago.

i know people that been playing for years and havent accomplished half a list that long
yeh mate ive been playing for a year and yeh im over that list but only just becoz a couple of the songs u can just play the intro to i can play the whole thing and i dont believe it.
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congragulations! you learned a bunch of tabs!
now learn how to play the instrument

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This reminds me of when my friend told me he'd learnt how to play pinball wizard, and when i actually saw him play it he was playing in about 1/4 time and relatively sloppily...

If you can play all those decently in that amount of time, congrats seriously.

But if you're serious about playing guitar, read this until you understand it fully (and i had to go over it a few times before i got a grasp of what it was about)


I think every guitarist should have atleast and undertstanding up to where that article goes to in theory...
2.5 months is really impressive (if is true) to already can play the first solo of Glass Prison. Although is really hard to tell because the way you describe in your post is so subjetive. I think we should need some audio/video clips of your playing to make a better judgement.
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I don't like making assumptions, but it sounds like you very well know your good (if you can play all that in 2.5 months), and are just trying to get praise and awe. If you can play all that, congrats and keep it up and you will be a mast0r in no time.
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congragulations! you learned a bunch of tabs!
now learn how to play the instrument
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You're AMAZING! Probably the best guitarist I've ever heard for playing only 2.5 months!

Quit fishing dammit, You sound like a teenage girl saying "I'm fat!", and expecting people to tell her otherwise.

Respect Roope Latvala.
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another day(Dream Theater) full song,

Somehow i doubt you can play the solo, as one line is at 14nps, unless you played someother instrument which uses a pick for a long time prior to learning guitar you can not be that fast already.
what did u learn like a fu**** song a day dude?

did u even learn chords, or scales yet?
its great if u know the songs. really impressive. just in my opinion u need to know the theory behind those songs, so that u can understand how they are made etc. playing guitar, or any instrument, isnt about playing someone else stuff, its about playing ur own stuff...tbh i would have been more impressed if u told me u learned all the major and minor chords and their respective scales, coz that will help you more on your way to being great.

keep at it though ur obviously talented. good job
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congragulations! you learned a bunch of tabs!
now learn how to play the instrument

Though this may be a rude way to say it, he's right. It is impressive that you know this much material, and material is something you will have to continue learning. However, I would suggest (as most of the music theory posters would) that you learn some basics. Learning how to play a song is different than learning how to play your instrument. If you continue down this road you're the only musician you will be able to play with .

I would start with simple songs that contain simple chord progressions. Learn how to make up your own solos and develop a style of your own. Right now you may think "I wanna learn how to play exactly like 'x guitarist'" but eventually this will lead to burn-out and honeslty I can't see the fun in learning every song you want to play note for note.

Learning a songs chord progression and then being able to improv over that song is what makes a guitarist. Not the amount of practice you have over another player on a certain song.

Keep it up, I can tell you want to work hard. You just need some direction other than tabs.