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We all know the famous "great" guitar solos such as Free Bird, Stairway, Eruption and so on, but what about those solo's that move you and break you down that aren't really recognized as "The Greatest". I just wanted to start a thread to discuss what you guys think are some of the greatest solos that aren't really knows as the greatest. I will name a few of mine:
(1) Between the Buried and Me: Selkies the Endless Obsession (basically an amazing sweep)
(2) Ozzy - Mr. Crowley (greatest when played by Randy Rhoads)
(3) Led Zeppelin - Achillie's Last Stand

Lets hear some from you guys! All Genres of Rock
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25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago's Terry Kath. I think it's the most under recognized, underrated guitar solo performed by the most under recognized and underrated guitar player in history.
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I agree about the Mr.Crowley solo. Uh The solo in The Sleep by Pantera is really sick.
Jet City Woman by Queensryche, hell the lead has a certain rhythm to it that i dont find in most solos
pink floyd - time

money gets all the credit from that album time is underappreciated

atleast in my school

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

The call of ktulu-metallica
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anything by nightwish... emppu vuorinen is one of the most underated metal guitarists ever, his solo's are breath taking and never wankage..... some of the best ive heard check him out
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pink floyd - time

Its on the 100 greatest Guitar Solos list...
Coheed and Cambria's epic, awesome, melodic solo in The Final Cut. Its so cool to hear a band do that kinda stuff after also doing Welcome Home and Ten Speed. The solo in 3's and 7's by Queens of the Stone Age is awesome as well. Few, if any, guitar players can play like Josh can. His solos seem to have very little rhythm to em, or have a very off-kilter rhythm to em, but they always fit the music.
What Happened to You - The Offspring. Short, sweet n does exactly what it needs to. Its genre-perfect.
I agree with the Toto and Chicago nominations. I would also like to nominate Boston's "Hitch a Ride" and the acoustic intro to Heart's "Crazy On You."

I suppose Heart's riff doesn't really apply to the electric guitar section, but we can all appreciate epic Spanish guitar.
Machine head - A farewell to arms
Exodus - Metal command
Wintersun - Winter madness
Testament- Over the wall (Personal favorite)
Blind Guardian- Battalions of fear
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The Judge's Daughter- Green Day (I'm being serious, If you've never heard the song go look it up)
Clean Sheets-Descendents
The Kids Aren't Alright-The Offspring
Don't Start a Band-Reel Big Fish
Born to Die-Choking Victim

None of them are really technically amazing, but in my opinion they're all good solos that deserve some recognition. I could list many more, but I really don't feel like it.
umm i checked the top 100 and here are my underrated solos.. The Rover by Led Zeppelin (short and sweet), they only had Working Man and La Villa Strangiato by Rush on there and I wonder where YYZ and Limelight were... also where is Green Grass and High Tides?
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters, really emotional solo, the ones that make ur hair on ur arms stand up, perfect, sexeh .
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Lip Gloss and Black - Atreyu...

It's one of those SOAD or Santana kinda solos...simple, yet extremely effective. First time I heard it I felt the epicness of it flow through me.
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25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago's Terry Kath. I think it's the most under recognized, underrated guitar solo performed by the most under recognized and underrated guitar player in history.

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Disturb the Sound of Silence
Judas Priest-Beyond The Realms Of Death,The Painkiller
A lot of Frideman/Becker solos
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Richie Sambora's solo on Bon Jovi's 'Dry County'. Watch it here and see why I think it's a flawless solo. It fit's perfectly with the song in everyway!

Bon Jovi - Dry County
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metallica - struggle within


Also, Metallica's Disposable Heroes. That solo is just full of awesome.
Soothsayer - Buckethead
No More Tears - Ozzy Osbourne
Stairway to Hea- Wait. nvm.
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Look On - Frusciante

It's epic!

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What Happened to You - The Offspring. Short, sweet n does exactly what it needs to. Its genre-perfect.

That is a cool solo!
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