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Someone that shared your Mums name?

If they were hot obvssss
I've been here since '04.

yeh but i'd just call her something else
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+1 to that

k i see

i dont see anything wrong with that just dont say her name say something else
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wow u just butchered the word would.

you butchered another word i can think of.
my wife has the same name as my mom.... so yes.
It's a fake wheel, dummy!
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yes. if a girl actually wanted to have sex with me, i wouldn't say no.
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Well, since in general I call my mum "mum" and don't really think of her by any other name, I'd probs b cool with it.
I wouldn't mind since I always call my mom "mom" so I wouldn't think of her much if you were to say her name.
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my mom'd name is marianne so no

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

my moms name is mary and i know a girl named mary that is ****ing hot so yes. even though it would seem weird.
Yeah. But it'd be weird banging a chick repeating "Roxana, Roxana!" (my mom's name).

There's a girl sharing my mom's name who happens to posses an ass that is in need of some tearin' up.

So yes, yes I would.
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yes. if a girl actually wanted to have sex with me, i wouldn't say no.

Desperate much?