I recently received an Ibanez RG350DX from my parents as a gift, and they knew I already had an Ibanez GRX20.. I don't know if this was worth spending all that money because I really can't figure out the difference in sound of either guitar. Can someone please tell me if my parents had just wasted their money on this RG350DX? and your opinion on difference in sound? Thanks.
True, I'm currently using some MRW 15Watt amp.. It's one of those cheap 40$ worth amps :S
So another question for anyone, if you had an Ibanez GRX350 already, would you buy an Ibanez RG350DX anyways?
man you should be able to play twice as well on the rg350 regardless of how it sounds on you ****ty amp... id keep it for sure
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Well, I have a GRX20 as well and after playing some better Ibanez's, the feel and sound of it just blew it out of the water. If I had the money, I'd buy it.
once you become a better guitar player, you will learn differences between certain instruments and the restrictions to your guitar playing that comes with cheap instruments
It's all about feel
Oh all right, I've only been playing for about 1 and a half years but I have not received lessons and I haven't really been taking it too seriously.. I will definitely try to become better. Thanks for the feedback Much appreciated.
Some people just can' t tell the difference in things so dont think there something your missing in lessons and all that. I get called a freak or crazy because i can tell the difference in little things. Example is I use Dunlop picks and was on the search for my perfect pick. Got a pack of one size and model. Then saw a cool design on a different pack. Same size and company as the previous pack. But i knew something was off and this one played and feeled different. Sure enough side by side the design pack was smaller in width by a hair's width and the thickness was nano scopic... But others are like man there's no difference your crazy.... Lol thats why i keep a caliper tool on me at all times... Call be crazy..huh