So Im hanging out with one of my friends, and all his friends, and everythings fine and stuff. eventually I go home, and later my friend asks me what area code starts with 000. Eventually they figure out its skype (a computer-phone). What happened is one of his friends got a couple threatening calls, one from private, and one from 000123456. The first one, some guy was speaking arabic, and the second one said "Im coming for you". Now me and some other people I barely know keep getting calls from Private where they either:
1. Dont say anything
2. Dial random numbers
3. Call from the computer and put the microphone up to the speakers so you can hear yourself.

I just met most of the people this is happening to today, so theres no real association with me...

Does this happen to any of you, or do you have any theories to what this could be?
sorry dude it was me il stop i guess
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I've had a few calls where it's from a restricted number then it just hangs up as soon as I answer.

One time I got a call from a cop who angrily asked me why I had just dialed 911. I hadn't, when I told him he goes "THEN WHY IS THIS NUMBER FLASHING ON MY SCREEN!?" So I asked him what the number was and it wasn't even close to mine. I told him what my number was and he goes "oh" and hangs up.
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There was something like this on the news a while back, where somebody was able to hack into some ones Cell phone, and send random text messages to their contacts. The police never found him, but he ran up a 300something dollar bill.
My guess is that somebody posted your phone number on a chan.
I hate it when people do that thing where you pick up and are calling someone else. I get enough telemarketers who bug me. I don't even know why we have a phone.
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I think its through facebook, because alot of people theyre calling I just met today, and they wouldnt have my number otherwise...

same pattern too.
1st call = silence
2nd call = random dialing
3rd call = hear your own voice through the phone...
im confuddled
I got a voicemail message from one of the local hospitals recently and they told me to call them back to schedule my heart surgery...they also called me james...my name isnt james though, and I'm pretty sure I dont have a heart condition.

Also one time I got a call(actually a voicemail again) from a guy who thought my phone number was that of his gay lover....creeeepy
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I got a voice mail from my hospital saying my HIV test came back positive
But i never took a HIV test.
Maybe the 000 area code is stealing my blood and giving it to Kaiser.
I get phone calls from a police station in Ohio pretty often. Keep asking for this guy. I guess I have the same phone number as him, because every time I tell them that my area code is 516 and I live in New York, they apologize and hang up.
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Oh please, somebody post the 'You gonna get raped' guy!

But I have never had any odd calls like that.
I have to go to court because some how while i was in school I call the Police Department and made a bomb threat. But they lost because my atterny showed the judge my phone record (I suck at spelling.)