Should the bridge of a standard mexi strat be flat against the body of the guitar? if so then should i just tighten the springs until it happens or is it more tedious than that? or should i just get an expert to show me?
haha thanks .... i guess im a jerk for making a new thread.... stupid search bar.... thanks again
It's really personally opinion. I don't think it'll hurt the guitar, except you'll be losing some tuning stability. I prefer to have to right against the body, as it stays in tune better that way.
Some people like it flush with the top of the guitar so that if they break strings or one drops out of tune, the bridge can't relax and sharpen all the other strings .... I've also heard some say that it helps sustain doing this... but I don't know...

But in the fender manual, it suggests that the rear of the bridge be about 1/8" raised from the body... this is so you can push and pull the bridge...

But it's really personal preference
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