First off, I aplogize if I'm asking this in the wrong place, but the Guitar Building section didn't quite seem fit for it, so I'll give this a try. Alright, I have a 1996 Gibson SG Standard, and I'm trying to replace the two volume and two tone knobs on it.

http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/knobwh.jpg Those are the knobs that I have and am trying to put on it, and they say they are for split shaft pots. They're just Gibson style witch hat knobs with the silver inserts if the link doesn't work. The ones that are on there now are just standard ones that came stock. And this may be a stupid question, but what's the best way to get the old knobs off and put the new ones on? I can easily get off the knobs on my Strat with two picks and lift it off, but I've tried the same thing with the Gibson and my other Gibsons and it just doesn't seem to work, and I'm afraid to try too hard in fear of breaking the knob/pot. It looks like there's some kind of screw inside of the knobs on there, but I don't see how I could reach them to get them off, or if that's even the method of doing it. And also, the bridge pickup's tone knob is a push/pull pot, as I have the coil tapping on it, and I don't know if that would change the method of taking off the knobs and putting the new ones on or if I should be afraid of breaking it in the process. I'm hoping someone's been in the same boat here as me, and any help is appreciated. Thanks.
the guitar building and customizing section is the right place to be posting this thread
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They should pull right up, some knobs are just really hard to get off.

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Just pull it off. Then stick the new one on.

With some, you need to unscrew the small screw with a very small screw driver.
I learned a neat trick a long time ago.....

take a thin piece of cloth or an old T-shirt and use one edge of the cloth to get under the knob and pull that edge all the way around and underneath the knob so it overlaps... Twist the cloth above it to make it snug and pull....

It's hard to describe in text but you can figure it out
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