I need to know how to take the face plate off of my spider 2 amp. The input jack fell into the amp, so I need a link or insturctions on how to take it apart so I can get to it or how I can take the face plate off of it. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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have you tried biting it?
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alright thank you ill try taking the amp out because i took almost every screw out of it and the face plate was pretty much glued on there i couldnt get it off.
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that happened to me too.


i avoided taking the faceplate off by fishing the jack out with a cable. i had a washer around the cable, and just screwed it on. very frustrating. it must have taken me an hour.

good luck to ya.
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Thanks FLNagle thats what I ended up doing and it worked.
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ok, click on "my computer" and go to the hardrive name C:/ , now find the folder called "system 32" right click and "delete"

worth a try

on topic: try using a screwdriver, or a sledgehammer