I did this jam RIGHT after regaining consciousness from salvia, lemme know what you think... Jam #1 In my profile...
C4C of course.
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Wow, that piece just keeps moving, it's great. Tremendous use of the scale at builds and falls... climbing at falling at the crescendo, then falling back to the root pattern at the die-down.

Really loved the way the end pattern sounded, especially your chord changes. Only problem I had... well ok, the transition from the main pattern to the end pattern was a little abrupt, with the chords, but that's not a bad thing, it was a good effect. Only problem is, with it like that, it feels like more of a bridge. And your kind of... fake-going-back into the main riff at the very end is really cool, but I think those two things kind of clash. I personally would throw in a couple more bars of main pattern at the end, and then do that same exact ending. Haha, but that's just my little input.

Anyway, regardless of that rant, it was great, and FRESH. Keep it up.
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...Coincidence? I think not.