I eventually want to start a band, but right now I'm still learning the guitar. But I've always wondered when musicaians play, how they stay together and sound good?
they practise, simple as that. if something's not working with one of the guys in the band, that guy usually gets kicked out and replaced
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Well basically everyone has to have a common goal to put out that music. It takes time and you have to find the right people who can make it all happen. It takes time and practice. In some ways it's like a marriage.
once you get better, everything will kinda just fall into place
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once you get better, everything will kinda just fall into place

Very true.

Playing with a band now, after 3 years experience, is totally different than playing with a band when I had 7 months experience. The more experience you have the more you can make the guitar kinda just work. When you first start out, you'll often be at a loss of what to do, hopefully you have a band that is either just as lost, or willing to guide you.

Stick with it, give it some time, and things really will fall into place.
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It is very hard and takes a lot of commitment. I've been with my band now for just over a year and we had a problem with getting everyone to be loud and quiet enough. It takes a lot of time.