Check it out. We made a myspace today, put up rough mixes of 3 songs from a 6 song demo (out soon on Gnarly Slaughter records) and we rule.
Sounds like youth of today in double time, intros are good too.
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WTF!!! B for my V is not hardcore. a real hardcore band is when there is nobody trying to get to the front the whole thing is a ****ing mosh pit
Dude you're playing with Concrete Facelift?! Band rules so damn hard, I'm also digging your tracks. Are you re-recording them for the demo or not? If you are I can't wait to hear them with more clarity.

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Thanks for the kind words dudes.

The tracks we have up are actually just really rough mixes of the 6-song demo. I believe we are picking up the final mix on Monday so the clarity should be greatly improved. We'll have the tape ready in time for that Concrete Facelift show. Gnarly Slaughter is doing a limited first press of them out of 100 that will probably sell out fairly quickly, but if anyone wants one really badly I can hook you up for $4ppd. There will also be a much larger second press that will be sent out to a bunch of distros.
We have four songs from the final mix up on our page now. Tapes are done (only a few left of the first press) and shirts are ready to ship.
BIG things are happening this summer. As a hint, expect some tour dates with a very large band and we'll be on a 7" comp with some even larger bands. Also more awesome things to come as we confirm them.
you guys are fun

since your in texas you should play some oklahoma dates up here sometime
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you guys are fun

since your in texas you should play some oklahoma dates up here sometime

Count on it.
We're actually only a few hours from OK, so be on the lookout for hooligans in a pink van!