i bought presale tickets (from ticketek) to concert using a password i found online... i got the email saying congratulations on ur purchase etc.... but presale is only for members that pay for ticketek, i have the free membership.. do u think ticketek might cancel my tickets? has anyone else ever done this? did it work?
I'm tempted to assume that there is a reason why your usename is Ralph Wiggum.
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I'm tempted to assume that there is a reason why your usename is Ralph Wiggum.

this is the first time ive bought tickets myself... so it will work? u didn't really answer my question
somebody please.. say ticketek 10 times fast in a row
when I try it, it always comes out 'dikketet dikkete' wich means big boobs in dutch


The this link is meatspin...

Anyway, I didn't think there was a way that you could actually pay for Ticketek services, it was just a free membership thing that you can use to buy tickets. You can attach your credit card details to it if you want to make buying faster, but apart from that, I'm pretty sure the only way they make money is by selling tickets...

I'm pretty sure they won't cancel them. What show is it, by the way?

Dragonforce? I don't even know what that is. Isn't it that Japanese card game "Dragon Force Z"?
Privilege Club is an online service that gives members access to premium seats, exclusive packages and special offers.

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i thought thats how presale worked, am i wrong? btw its smashing pumpkins in brisbane