I heard a buckethead song Jordan somethingarather, for the first time the otherday, and i was extremely impressed. Which is the best album (or one of them) so i can go out and buy it?

It depends what you are looking for. Buckethead's music is VERY diverse. He plays everything from country, soft rock, grindcore, shred, etc.

Best album is all personal preference, though if you say what kind of music by him you want, it may be easier to make you a reccomendation.
I really love that song Soothsayer, its one of the best ive heard, if he has any albums full of songs like that, that would be great. Its just awesome, cant believe ive never heard of this guy before. So many years wasted listening to metallica!! Naa, but yeah hes pro
Soothsayer is more laid back, but it's got an insane solo...

Electric Tears is a very laid back album, but it doesn't have the massive shredding that soothsayer does.

I believe that Colma is supposed to be somewhat relaxed too, but I haven't listened to that album.
Try "Enter the Chicken" nearly all the songs have vocals on them and it's got Nottingham Lace, if you want an easy way of getting into Buckethead; that's probably it.
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I would say he doesn't have a best, but two or three are essentials:
Giant Robot; a classic, and really sets the tone for whats to come. It has it's weak spots, but Welcome to Bucketheadland, Last Train to Bucketheadland, Binge and Grab, Want Some Slaw, and Aqua Bot are essential Buckethead tunes. Next Electric Tears shows his versatility, and Monsters and Robots is a generally excellent cd by him.

EDIT: Meant Giant Robot as the name of the first CD, sorry.
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that would be colma.

amazing acoustic album. has a few melodic shred songs too, but nothing insane like soothsayer.
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my fave would have to be his album, "Monsters and robots"
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I've answered his question so many times....


Population Override
Monsters and Robots
Enter the Chicken
Crime Slunk Scene
Electric Tears
The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock

In short, there is more than just one. But the above listed should give you a good start.
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Yeah, a lot of them are completely different from each other.

Try his official thread.
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Elephant Man's Alarm Clock.

My sister got me into it, now I'm in love with it. Lurker At The Threshold is brilliant.
four great albums are colma, enter the chicken, electric tears, and monsters and robots. none of his albums have jordan, and he was also in a side band with les claypool so look for that too. their band was colonol claypools bucket of bernie brains (C2B3).
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Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis) by Praxis - quite simply the best album ever.

Electric Tears - amazingly melodic. At times intense, at times laid back. His best album imo.

Giant Robot by Giant Robot - you can download this for free. Amazing stuff.

The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock - showcases his unbelievable speed and unerring technique.

Start with these.
Crime slunk scene
Cukoo clocks of hell
Population override
Giant robot
The elephant man's alarm clock