right, im in need of a noise reducter and was wondering if the boss noise supressor was worth the money?
also just interested in what pedals you would recomend for classic rock, punk and clean stuff. What would be the best pedals to go for?

What amp do you have?

What guitar do you have?

are they the only styles you play?

What kind of pedals do you want?

Without all this basic info no one can give you an answer, there are no base-standard pedals for any genre.
yeh alrite

well i have a peavey bandit 112, fender strat and i already use a boss gt-5
im looking for pedals such as, noise gate, distortion, eq, chorus etc
and i play various types of things from not quite heavey to clean

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ok im going to assume its a fender squire? if not correct me.

Well... you shouldn't need a noise reducer if you dont have any pedals already.. so id say you should save up and get a better amp instead of pedals, it will be most pleasing to you in the near future.

Look for an Epiphone Valve Junior Head and Cab.. they are small 1-channel all-valve amps that handle classic rock well and can do punk with a nice overdrive pedal nicely.
no, a fender strat. been playing 6 years. i accidently pressed enter without entering more detail so iv edited it if you look back
Ok, i didnt see your edit.

What effects do you currently use on your GT5?

Personally, i would ditch the GT5 and Peavey Bandit (Maybe try and sell them, combine that cash with your current budget) and get a new Valve (Tube) amp, it will sound a lot nicer.

What is your budget?
err, i use distortion at the moment. i'd like to be alble to switch from the gt-5 to single effects. i think i would like to keep both the boss and peavey so my budget is somewhat £100-150 for effects
are you sure? If you sold them both you could get a decent amp with much better tone.

for £100-150 i would say, get a nice chorus pedal (Look at Electro Harmonix)

A reverb pedal might be nice for cleans (Again, look at Electro Harmonix)

Wah Pedal (Look at a Vox Wah)

An overdrive pedal would be good, to give your tone sharper edge.. try looking at a Tubescreamer or a Boss OD