Does anyone think the first song in my profile label "???????????????" Sounds to much like the riff to raining blood? FYI I didnt mean it to sound that similar. Im not a big slayer fan but i overheard someone listening to raining blood yesterday and thaugh it sounded shamefully similar. Im not asking about tone ect. I just want to know if it sounds to much like raining blood to be used in a song and not be sued
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horrible tone.
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Yeah it's really similar. Sorry dude.
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Not trying to be mean but that seriously hurt my ears. And yeah it does sound a little bit like raining blood.
it sounds like someone trying to play slayer, but hitting the wrong notes.

i wouldnt use it if i were you.
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How can you think that sounds good?

I'm sorry, but the tone and the riff were both horrible. And it did sound a lot like Raining blood.
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