hey guys im just wondering ill see poeple like kirk hammett make amazing sols just using pentatonic and steve vai using much more tricky stuff but making amazing licks/solos? may seem kinda dumb but how can i train myself to get the best out of scales as possible? thanks alot
dude, play!
play and focus on not just playing the scale just upside down, that's basic.
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If you're playing to a progression, think of the chords about to be played, then act accordingly. However, just be creative, it's something that comes with experience.
first, what is best? You need to know what you want.

So really what your asking is how can I exert the most control over my scale. A similar question is how does a painter get the best stroke from their brush? It's not all about the stroke. It's about the paint, the canvas, the type of brush(or even if you want to use a brush, some styles demand a pallet knife), what type of stroke he wants, etc.

Practice. Think. Play. *Listen*.
well for practice only play in one octave for a while that way youll force yourself to make ideas with only a few notes and prevent you from just going up and down