(before someone bites my head off, I like bassists and I play bass)
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Yeah I also play bass but...
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That was 'kin epic!
"Oftentimes a bassist will show his total onstage ease by leaning back to exchange a few words with the drummer, another de-emphasized band member. It is unknown what topics these two cover in their discussions but the industry's best guesses have been, "Wow, Trent is really drawing this guitar solo out," "Check out the blonde two rows back. I bet Trent will hit that tonight," and "Dude, we should get a side project together or something." Seriously, Rob is a solid drummer. We could do some amazing stuff"

It was funny, but the bass has 6 strings! I know theres six string basses, but still, for the purpose of the article, it should be 4.
i enjoyed that linkage
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I saw it on Myspace...Thanks FilthandFury!!!

You forgot the "Bobbing move": Nodding you head to the music while staring at your fretboard thoughout the whole song.
One needs the calibre of Steve Harris to be a fully respected bass player.

Basically the power to say "It's my band and I wrote all the songs so STFU!"
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What is with the stigma against bassists and drummers anyway?

I'm a bassist, and it pisses me off when other bassists feel victimised because of f*cking jokes.

and lol, it's all so true... last band practice I knocked out a slide... ALL THE WAY TO THE 21ST FRET!

And had a midsong discussion with the drummer about quorum sensing in bacteria.
"We could play 'Janice Dream.' F*cking Trent. What's that? Oh...No cheese, please. Trent is lactose intollerent."

Quite funny, and I play bass.
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Confused? Good.

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we just got a new bass player. our old one made us play a '_____ Dream' balad.
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Que the bass jokes.

what the bass jokes?
or did you mean "cue"?
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Lol, yeah i'm guilty of the first one and occasionally the second one when i play bass, what about the other musicians though? I mean, EG-

Lead guitarists: the extreme lean back when playing a solo and occasionally dropping to a crouch rapidly when he does a slide as if he's being shot at.

Rhythm guitar-pulling a mean face when doing a crunching riff or rocking back and forth on a soft part.

Drummers-twirling their sticks on a drum breakdown, making ever-lasting endings to songs to fit in as many rolls and fills as they can.

Singers-generally being either larger than life (using their hands) or embracing the mic stand.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
That was great.
There could've been more actual on-stage moves. I play bass. I could learn from these.
But the Wait Outside The Motel Room one was the best.

Does anyone have any more of these?
I like Fall Out Boy.
That is all.
That was pretty funny
Rag Mop Do Do Duh DoDo Dedo Do!!!!!



i do the slide all the time. but its more of a down slide. like on the 4 i play the high note and slide down and play the note on the 1.
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Well the drummer may be a bit thick but at least he's not a wanker like the singer.

But no way would you catch me getting the band's food.
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It was funny, but the bass has 6 strings! I know theres six string basses, but still, for the purpose of the article, it should be 4.

I noticed that too....

But the article was awesome man
"Dude, we should get a side project together or something." Seriously, Rob is a solid drummer. We could do some amazing stuff.