As I am left handed and it's hard to find guitars, I was considering buying all the parts to a strat and just building it myself. This way I can get whatever features I want into it (2-tone sunburst, rosewood neck, 57/62 pickups). Does this generally cost more than say buying it from a store and also, what are some good sites for parts (particularly for leftys)?
well you can make it as expensive as you want or as cheap as you want. can't help you with the site but i know there's some threads on parts sites around the GB&C forum
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I have the same exact problem, as you can see I'm also building a strat (see in sig) and I'm also a lefty, but I decided to start with a right handed guitar, since the lefty parts are more rare and more expensive, also all the parts I wanted were only available for right handed guitars.

Being a lefty sucks.
Wammies can be pretty limited on leftie guitars. And most sites dont even offer bodies or necks for lefties. And unfortunatly you wont save any money building your self. Its really hard to beat overseas labor costs. But I know warmoth will make just about all their guitars in lefty for no extra cost. And you can get it set up any way you want and they will paint if you dont want to do it yourself. Im a lefty and understand your pain. I dont buy ready built guitars anymore I build one. But then again dont think I need anymore right now anyways.
It sure does, I have yet to go to a guitar store in my city that has a lefty in stock, let alone one I want

My budget is around $1100Aus.
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Sorry dude, I'm really after a strat.

strictly Fender? because they have the Bolt guitars which are strat style.

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a good site to get parts is axesrus.com I got my telecaster kit there and it came really quickly. I also saw a left handed strat body in sunburst so I would recommend them. I very much agree that it's hard and extremely annoying to find left handed parts to build a guitar but i struck lucky with my telecaster. Hope this was useful to you.
It may be cheaper to buy a righty strat and string it lefty. If you think you'll have problems with the nut you can get a new one, or cheaper still, just flip the one you have around.

Unless you don't think you'd like the reversed headstock and righty tremolo.