I have a university interview soon, in which I have to audition, playing 3 pieces of music, two of which they have sent to me through the post.

I have to choose a piece myself to play for them. Unfortunately, I have kind of been neglecting my guitar recently, what with work and college and girlfriend etc. I've still been playing obviously, but I am not as tight as I used to be.

Can anyone recommend something that would impress and show a good playing ability? I have a few ideas myself, but I wanted to see what the Pit would recommend. No metal, though, I don't like metal
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Yes, yes it would. Sorry.

I like a varied taste, from post hardcore to classical. So really any recommendation, I just don't want to play metal. Or classical gas.
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Yes, yes it would. Sorry.

I like a varied taste, from post hardcore to classical. So really any recommendation, I just don't want to play metal. Or classical gas.

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Something by Martin Simpson if you can stand it, I mean, he is excellent, I just dont like his music as a whole. You could also play something by Dream Theatre to really impress them.
play some RHCP.

Or one of Opeth's off Damnation. Windowpane maybe?
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Angelina or The Hunt by Tommy Emmanuel

Animate-Inanimate by John Petrucci (Just try and nail the middle fast section!)


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SRV's version.

would they be impressed by an improv?

get a backing track and play your ass off?
Mark Antoine - Madrid

It's not really hard at all, but the feel is absolutely amazing! I picked it out by ear and you'll have to do the same since are no tabs/sheet music.
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Thanks for the recommendations, I'll check them out.

Basically I want to do something that is a cohesive whole, like a song or piece rather than just a guitar solo, if that makes sense.
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The first and foremost deciding factor is what is the school looking for? Are they classical oriented? Jazz oriented? Musically conservative/liberal? Etc.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Well, it isn't a traditional music course, it's a music technology and recording course. But they still want applicants to be competent on their instrument.
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u shuld so ply Bolevard of teh broken dreamz. Its so hrd to pley.
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^ I don't know if my playing skills could stretch to that , to be honest.
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Its obvious that you should go with RAINING BLOOOOOOOOOD
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