What would you say is the best AC/DC album?
Hull City A.F.C

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They're all awesome (despite basically all being the same).

For more bluesyness I'd say 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap', but for out and out rocking I'd go 'For Those About To Rock', or maybe 'Powerage', perhaps 'Highway To Hell'?

Now I can't decide. I hope you're pleased with yourself.
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This is my most hated question as a fan along side what's your favourite song.

There's something good in every album whether you prefer Bon or Brian, even if you don't love it all. My preference is usually the early, rare and bluesy Bon era but that's not to say I don't rate all Brians work.

The most disappointing albums are Flick and Fly as both have terrible production (lyrics aren't much to write home about either!). I was hidously annoyed with Sony when they remasted the albums that they didn't improve the sound quality on those two. Brian still sounds like he's singing from the back of a different room.

Live, they're always note perfect so all the live albums work.

If they let Brian write the lyrics to the next one and Mutt produce then we could be onto a winner.... so long as his voice holds out.