Hey gents,
I'm a Marine living in Pensacola FL and had a little breather in training and started picking up guitar. I play heavy metal, basically anything that'll melt a face, or make you throw up horns. Played piano for 8 years so I have a grasp on music, just looking for y'alls input on the gear I've got.

STOLE a Washburn Idol 65 off of Ebay, w/dual humbuckers and a maple board, it seems like a good place to start.

Line 6 Spider III amp, 8" 15W, w/6 effects, seems good to go

Pocket Pod - this thing is a pain in the ass, and I'm considering letting the amp AND pod go in order to pickup the 12" 30W Line 6 Spider amp that has the built in effects. Any suggestions, as always, money is limited.

Also got a Wah-pedal, its aight, but mostly concerned about a good amp setup.

Veteran knowledge only, don't need any hack-opinions. Any advice from guys who've been doing this a while?
The spiders aren't very good amps. Consider Roland Cube amps (Microcube or 30, the 15 and 20 aren't too good either, different technology). Can't comment on the guitar.
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The spiders aren't very good amps. Consider Roland Cube amps (Microcube or 30, the 15 and 20 aren't too good either, different technology). Can't comment on the guitar.

I've heard the Spider valves are okay, but the solidstates are a big nono.
+1 to the Roland Cube amps, also try out a few Fender amps, I'm not sure what many guitarists thing of them, but I love them.
Yeah definetly consider ditching the amp for another. The roland cubes are good for high distortion stuff so that might be what your looking for, the 30w and 60w models are great, and the microcube is good for the price

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I have a cube 20X n its good but if u already have a 15W Spider you'd probably want a Cube 30X..They're pretty cheap as well
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Hang on to the Pod, but try to get a trade in on the amp. Any chance you'd want to just use the Pod as your effects, and get a nicer, louder, better sounding amp?

Solid guitar. What'd you pay?
I would definately get a different amp. Spider's in general are pretty mediocre. If u want versatility, look at Fender's new Vintage Modified amps, like the Super Champ XD. It it all-tube, but has some EQ presets. But u can always bypass those and use the amp's natural distortion.
I've heard great things about Raven amps. They're smaller 30 watt solid states, and get a pretty decent tone for what they are. I would definitely keep the POD, they can be helpful unless you can afford a nicer amp. (ie a peavey or something in that price range)

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The Washburn Idol series guitars are pretty decent for the money, so it should keep you happy for a while.

My honest advice would be to keep your gear, and just keep going for long enough to have an idea of what you want. Getting opinions from other musicians is great, but guitar playing is so inherently personal, that you really need to find direction for yourself. How is the Pod being a pain in the arse? If it's the tone, then don't make any judgement until you either try it with headphones, or with another amp.

I've heard that the Crybaby 535Q is the place to start, and the basic Crybabys are pretty naff.

As for amps, as small Peavey should be right up your alley, as you're in the US (where prices treat you fairly). Just bear in mind that if you end up moving around loads with your service (I don't know what US military service is like, so I'm just tossing this out), then an all-tube amp might not be robust enough. Nobody wants to cart a fat, heavy amp around, then find out that they've smashed in any of their preamp or poweramp valves. With this in mind, I'd advice that you try out some of the Rolands or Voxs. If you're pretty nervous about trying amps out in a shop, just ask an assistant to play the same passage through each of the amps, so that you can concentrate on listening. Whenever I'm in shops, I still spend 85% of my time worrying about what to play, instead of putting gear through its paces.

Anyway, enough nonsense from me.. good luck!

Edit: If you can, never sell gear. Wait until you have a little reservoir of stuff to let go gradually, so you're never left without. Even the Spider would be a better amp than none for a backup.
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Hey SpineSurf,
I play metal, like Drowning Pool, Devildriver, Godsmack... occasionally some Buck Cherry for the wifey... as for the POD, I think I just don't know how to use it properly, just haven't been playing around long enough... I may just keep it and get more use out of it as I mature in playing...

Hey MintSauce,
Good advice man, I appreciate it. I'm actually looking to sell my paintball gear (have no time to play with my flying/military schedule) and use the money to pick up a Roland Cube 30W, since many of you have recommended it. I've already got a guy interested in the Spider 3, so I may let that go and just spring for the Roland and see what happens.