Okay so i've decided to get my 2nd guitar now, i think it's time to upgrade, but im lookin and looking but it's pretty difficult to find a guitar that suits me very well.

My budget is around 700 bucks, but it would be nice if i didn't use them all, and since i live in Norway, the prices are far more expensive than the US for example, so i may be looking for a used guitar aswell. But i would like you guys to give me some ideas and suggestions for a new guitar. This is my second guitar so i don't need a GIBSON or anything around that price range, since i don't have enough money.. But a Epiphone, Ibanez or something with a nice price and good guitar would be nice. The first thing i was thinking about was a Epi Explorer since i've heard they are good, and at the same time they look pretty awesome, but some people also said i could get better guitars for the money. I play mainly Metal and Hard rock.

I appreciate your help very much!

- Ergin
Well if you like Epiphone I would suggest an Epi Les Paul Standard.
It's actually a very nice guitar, don't listen to anti-Epiphone propaganda.
It's better than a lot of Gibsons.
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Yeah i've hear some say that highend epi's are better than low gibson stuff
i haven't tried those ESPs, but from reasonably reliable sources, they're little more than starter guitars.

if you're willing to go used, and want an explorer, you could probably pick up a second-hand japanese tokai explorer (or similar) for your budget on e.g. Ebay. Should be of equivalent quality to Gibson.
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those guitars are crap man- STAY AWAY!!!!!!!! the second is much better than the first though!! it would realy help if you explain what kind of sound you want from your guitar though!! what artists do you listen to??