Hey, I've been having a really rough time trying to get a good tone out of my amp for the past age, until today I tried it for a long period of time without any pedals, just on it's own, and it absolutely sings. So basically, I'm in need of a distortion pedal which doesn't sound horrible.

My amp is an old bass amp, a Polytone Mini Brute IV, but with the right settings it can sound brilliant with a guitar through it, really warm and punchy.

The guitars I use are an Epiphone Les Paul Classic and a Mexican Fender Telecaster.

So here's the question. Does anyone have any recommendations of a distortion or overdrive pedal which would suit sleazy, bluesy rock like Guns n Roses, Velvet Revolver and early Aerosmith?

Thanks a ton.
check out the marshall guv'nor 2
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just checked it out on youtube, thanks. that looks really great.
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Fulltone OCD? It's really versatile and super transparent.
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The Blues Devil's way, way better than my current pedal, but it's a little heavy for what I'm looking for. It sounds a little too distorted, you know? OCD's really nice, might check it out a bit more :]