ive narrowed down 2 amps im looking at getting. they are both in the same general price range so i was wondering if anyone out there as any experience with either amps and could reccommend one over the other?
Hi tom
i have a jsx and its awesome. i think the vht deliverance is a single channel amp. jxs is 3 channel
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the jsx might have 3 channels but the deliverance actually sounds good.

oh yes i went there.

anyway, imo the deliverance is vastly superior in terms of tone, but it might not have the versatility you need.
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having not played the vht, i dont know too much about it. but i have been to concerts where the guitarist has been using one and i loved the tones he got from it. other people say its not as versitile, but i would think that with a couple eq/od pedals you could shape your sound enough to make it seem as if you had multiple channels. or just go with the beauty of the one channel amp and your guitar's controls. thats what i would personally do.
i havent played the vht, and i like the jsx a lot. but i think you should check out the vht even though its only one channel, it has really nice dynamics. this guy got clean to high gain with only a volume pot and picking strength.