I'm the vocalist and guitarist in Acidice. We're a four piece band, all 15-16 year olds from the Midlands, and we have a couple of home recordings up! We should have some more up soon, exams at school are unfortunately delaying are recordings.

Tell me what you think, cheers!


Very nice. It seems like all the good music is in the UK and surrounding areas.
Thanks guys! Have another 4 songs to record soon, but the "studio" (my home pc) is down. So sit tight, I'll be ready to update you when we release some more material.

nice stuff... especially "Rocking out the city" nice quality for home recording....

nice riff work... but the bass was too high(nothing against bassists....)

crit mine too:

see my sig...
Cheers, I'll take a look at the bass. Nearly got PC up, so maybe more recordings soon!