Plese, give me your opinion on this

Can't I just be?

I'm so depressed but same time i feel so relieved
I got so much anger inside me believe or not
I wish I could smash your shabby head
just like I break every morning bread

Pre chorus
Why won't you just leave me alone
lying on bed in my home
What have I done so wrong
maybe this is a place where i just don't belong

Why can't I just be and breath?
From inside I'm already dead
On outside like a ragdoll that everyone wan't to shred
I want to go home lock all doors and hide under my bed
that's what I said

Do I have to work if i want to be a man
Or do i have to start my own clan
Explode everything with so much rage
You know what? that's called hate.

Pre chorus



Maybe I never meant to live
to have feelings and survive
so please do forgive
I am still here, alive

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-^ Might be. but where in the hell did you get the idea that blues are emo? (saw that thread)
I didn't say that blues is emo I just tried to express the similarities between the two... And the thread was supposed to be provocative. But hey good luck with your song lyrics maybe someone can relate to them