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Hi, I'm rather bored so I thought I'd ask if anybody wants a game of cannons.

It's an online game where you take control of a cannon with a number of different weapons, you can play games with up to 8 players.

There's the link, I'll start a game called UG, the password will also be UG.

If you want to join, then do!

(If this is against any rules I'll delete the thread, I don't know why it would be but I'm just being safe.)
There aren't any games going right now...

EDIT: Just started one, normal "Name: UG, Pass: UG"
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I'm in
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as soon as java downloads ill play
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Yeah, Drawball was pretty amazing. We should try that again next summer.
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Damn I never embraced those...
I losted
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its pretty simplistic but nice looking graphics

good game

I'm on now if anyone wants UG game

When making games don't change the weapons rules, if you have decreasing it just makes the first few rounds absolute carnage!
ok anyone make a game?

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Wow I just played this game its pretty cool... Just like worms...
add me if you wish...
Is there a game now, or should I make one?

If I do, Password is UG, Name is UG Rocks.
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