I just built a guitar which consisted of a Starcaster body and a Squier Tele neck. I may replace the neck at some point. As well, I plan on painting the body, depending on what the wood looks like when I sand it down.
Anyway, I want to install a Floyd on the body. I have access to a router, if I need one. I already know that I will have to do some work on the neck for the locking nut, but what else do I have to do? Since I don't have the floyd yet I can't tell, but I suspect that it may fit without much work to the body besides drilling for the sleeves. Is that true?
Oh - I'm planning to buy the floyd from Warmoth.

Rout the top of the body, route the bottom of the body.

Is the starcaster finished? Will you be refinishing it? If it is already finished and you arnt going to re finish it, I would advise against it.

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I'm definitely going to refinish it - it is plain black, but all chipped and scratched.
Should I use these as my guides?