I've seen a lot of threads about cabs and heads working together.
I'm a noob to equipment like this. What exactly do you mean? Do certain cabs need certain heads, or is it the wattage and stuff, or is it something else?
Can someone please explain this to me?

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ummm well pretty much any will fit, you can get some interestiong sounding amps. Basically, you need to make sure that the cabinet watts match or go over the head's watts. But that's only if you plan on cranking it to 10 all of the time. Also, make sure the ohms match up. Usually, both the head and the cabinet have ohm switches.
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Its mostly the wattage. You can use any head with any cab, as long as the cab can handle the wattage. Otherwise, the speakers could get damaged. And the head should also have a speaker jack that matches the impedance of the cab, the head should have a 16 Ohm jack for a 4x12 cab.
So, what you're saying is as long as the cab can put out more watts than the head, it should be fine?

Thanks for responding, by the way. It's a big help.

EDIT: If I used this setup, there shouldn't be a problem?
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As long as the impedance (eg: 8 ohms) matches and the wattage of the cab meets or exceeds the amps wattage, you're fine.
With that you are seriuoslt underpowering the cab. I always thought this was ok, but I found out today that you need to have somewhere close to what the cab can handle in the amp. Eg 300 watt amp into a 400 watt speaker, not 280 into 600
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