Hi All,

I've currently got a Tanglewood TW28SNQ and I want to sell it and buy a better guitar. I'm not particularly good or anything, but mine sounds quite harsh and 'brangy'! (I can tell you're all very impressed by my muso terminology!!)
I'm after something that has a softer, richer sound. Because I'm not great, I don't want to spend more than about €250/ £185 or so. Maybe a wee bit more.

Please can anyone suggest some guitars for me?

Thanks in advance
Im not too sure about pricing, but i know that an Epi Hummingbird would be good for your situation i think. Its mellow-sounding and i think is all-solid wood as well. And with America's horrible dollar, if some1 can ship it over for you, itll only cost about 150 pounds.
Thanks mate. It's exactly the right price too, but I've just had a look on GAK.co.uk, and the one they've got is a bit flowery looking! Like sunburst colouring, with flowers or something on the scratch plate! Are they all like this or is it just the one they have on the website?