Hey everyone, I just wanted to get an idea of what people thought of Garage Band in comparison to Logic. I'm receiving a Macbook Pro for my birthday in 2 weeks and basically I'm wondering whether or not stepping up to Logic (either Express or Studio) would be worth the (large) amount of money. I have Garage Band on an Apple G4, so I do have experience with that, but I've never touched Logic. So what do you guys think? And please don't fill this thread with "Buy a PC", that's what I'm typing this on and I prefer Mac.
Dude, you can't compare Garbage band with Logic.
And yes, i spelled it right cuz that software is absolutely garbage!

Logic is way superior. It has much proper editing and mixing features. It has actual proper reverb, EQ, delay and all other dynamics units.
It is just a more proper software to work with.

Garage is fine id you're a complete noob and wanna get ur head around mixing or don't wanna spend money on Logic (even then logic does a much better job).
Garage band lacks proper MIDI editing features, it doesn't have a proper EQ, it doesn't have a proper reverb n delay unit. Its just a sequencing software. Its not really meant for editing.

Though if your descent, you can get some use out of it. Check out the tracks on my profile. I made them through Garbage band. And i could do a 100x better job if i was using Cubase or Reason instead.