I just bought a 7 string geetar ( Schecter Blackjack 007 left handed) and was wondering what are some of your favourite 7 string songs.

I have quite a few from Dream Theater, Nevermore, Meshuggah etc but i want a few more that songs that I can learn.

So no Rusty Cooley !!!
Scar Symmetry! Everything by Soilwork is in B-standard as well, so their songs is fun to play on a 7
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Unearth has some pretty technical 7-string songs.
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i'm pretty sure the GP tab for "don't say a word" by sonata arctica says its played on a seven string
Top lel.
if you like dream theater, go for some circus maximus. two good tabs of that band i know of, from power tabs, are 'biosfear' and 'alive'. i think they might have 'why am i here' too, check it out!

o yea, as mentioned above, check out Unearth too :P
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I've never been able to get into Unearth but the rest seem pritty good. Especially Circus Maximus. Crazy stuff!!

Thanks everyone!

More welcome though
Get Steve Vai's Passion and Warfare album, most of that was done on 7-strings.
Citizen Erased by Muse is probably the best song ever written, and it's played with a 7-string tuned to drop A. You have to have a LOT of effects, though, because it relies on harmonics on the 3rd fret, and halfway between the 2nd and 3rd frets.
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