I have an Ashdown MAG 1x15 300 watt combo. This is a great amp, but my band is starting to play more shows and I need an amp in head + cab form instead of a combo. This amp is a great condition, I've owned it since December 2006. I am the original owner, I bought this new from AMS. This amp is great for home practicing and even band practice... this combo cuts through two guitars and a heavy hitting drummer in a metal band, so this will work for almost anything! Very big sound for an amp with just one speaker. This amp sells for $430 + $70 shipping ($500) at Musician's Friend, get it for nearly half price! I'd be willing to meet up in the Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester NY area if you want to do a pickup. If you live elsewhere you would be responsible for shipping charges. Read some reviews on Musician's Friend, this is a great bass amp! Don't have any actual pics, but I will take some if you want.


EDIT: Will ship amp now, buyer is responsible for shipping charges. Estimated shipping charge somewhere between $40 and $50.
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Don't sell it - get a 410 cab and have a MAG stack! They sound soooo good with 10" speakers