so here it is, ive been trying to learn this extremely fast sixteenth note run that goes a little bit like this:


for you guys to get a feel of how fast i want to learn it, i want to learn this lick a little faster than the solo from "Beast and the Harlot". after this, theres another lick where it goes pretty similar to the one above except it is in sixteenth note TRIPLETS so its going to go much quicker than the one above.

I've been practicing this ENTIRE solo for about 3 1/2 weeks now. no matter how slow i practice, or how long i practice for, i just can't nail it at the speed i want it to sound!!! does anybody have any practice tips or criticisms about how i practice it?

thanks in advance to anybody that answers!! <333
I think theres a potion you can drink that makes you play anything you want, without even struggeling a little bit!you should get some.

but siriusly, just practice it really slow, and if you fail, try again.it wont kill ya
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