Is it really that hard to understand the truth
following in the footsteps of a false idol
enought to leave anyone felling suicidal
hoping to find a way and not to give up
or maybe we should all just learn to shut up
leaving me hear to drown in my failure
im afraid to grow up but before i know ive already grown
sometime i just feel like im here all on my own

but when you all dried up
nothings making sense
happiness is a dream
and sadness has become the thing to be
but now im at the point where i dont give a fu ck
i guess thats how you can tell your all dried up

push me, shove me, make love to me
none of it seem to bother me
works a bore and lifes a drag
friends are just there to distract me from misery
lost all intrest and have nothing to keep me busy
dreams and aspirations are things of the past have been forgot
i guess thats how you can tell when your all dried up
Light touch my hand, in a dream of Golden Skans, from now on.
You can forget our future plans.