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If you look at people sigs or on reviews you see people who have only been playing for two years with two fenders and a gibson and two good amps. why?
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I don't know. I'm not rich

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Daddy owns an oil ranch and mummy has parties with strange men.
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You know, teenagers CAN get jobs. I saved up for months to get my $1200 Peavey 6505. Although there do seem to be quite a few spoiled teenagers on here. My parents are pretty well off, but I pay for all my stuff regardless.
I'm mega rich with my two Cort's and Epiphone VJ.
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Uhh, that doesn't mean they are rich. I could work one year, and blow all my money and get a $2,000 guitar, with another $8-10,000 left for amps, pedals, recording, etc.
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just because they have good stuff doesn't mean that they're rich... i mean, santa could've brought that stuff!

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Usually it's becuase their parents are rich and have bought them their gear or else they got a job, saved up and bought it themselves.

The majority of people on UG are spoilt rich kids though.
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My family is not even close to being rich.

And has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a lot more 13 year olds on UG than there was last year?
My family is DEFINANTLY NOT RICH infact I'm flat broke right now
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Brett has been saving for a splawn for 4 years
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Most people have jobs? I have crap gear but im saving up atm so im not one of those spolit rich kids....

unfortunately lol
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damn richies
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Daddy owns an oil ranch and mummy has parties with strange men.

two and a half men.
Ur kinda right. Sadly, im not one of em. I have a guitar i got for $150 (used) and an amp my dad got around 10 years ago maybe for only $20. And a DS-1, which sux.
I've been playing bass for near on 4 years and still have the same bass and amp that cost me a mere 100 quid together. I have more important things to spend my hard-earned money on.

Like booze.
I work 20 hours a week and save my money (I spend another 35 hours at school).

my family is poor.
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Rich? I dont think so. Paychecks do wonders.
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My family is not even close to being rich.

And has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a lot more 13 year olds on UG than there was last year?

Fountain of youth?

I'm not rich either, one of the few people with windows 98 and struggling to get money around town, a lot of my friends who aren't well off have a job though.
cause i work for my gear
5euro per hour !
14-16hours a week +30hours of school :/
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I have a PRS. I'm not rich. My cousin's just sponsored.
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Not me.
My gear totals $330
Guitar was 150, amp was 80, pedal was 100.
Still the same as 3 years ago when my parents bought it.