I've read that replacing certain tubes with different model tubes or different brands can have a large effect on the sound of your amp. I've been researching Mullard tubes and they have good reviews and seem to be very nice. But I know nothing about maintenence on tube amps and my amp has 3 12ax7s and 2 el84s. Would I have to replace all the tubes at once or will one particular tube be the best choice?
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It depends on which tubes you are replacing. I wouldn't mix and match power tubes if its a push pull amp (you want the power tubes to be matched preferably). If it is a push pull, one of the 12AX7s is probably a phase inverter, and for that you just want a well balanced 12AX7. The preamp tubes should be more lenient as far as mixing goes, AFAIK.

So no, you don't need to replace all of the tubes, but you might have to make sure that certain tubes are biased properly when you install them.