i learned it in C#.. really anywhere on the fretboard because it can be moved around... but i felt that C# did best for my fingers.
If don't feel like dealing with sharps or flats, then the obvious place to get started would be the good ol' C major scale.
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Most tutorials discuss A major scale. Try that one.

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then probably G

2 of the easiest and will get you most familiar with it being as there are no sharps in C
i like G personally to start off with...cause the chords in the chord progression are mostly open...so even if u have a novice guitar player they can make up a cool lil strumming/picking pattern with G C D Em Am...then u can learn to improvise over it...but dont forget to learn all the different positions....and dont forget to alternate ur picking up down up down
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I would say learn C major first that way you don't have to deal with sharps/flats.
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