Heres my situation. I have been playing guitar for about 3 or 4 months now, and in these past months since the first time i got my guitar for christmas i barely put it down. I have heard some people talking about how u are a beginner intermediate and other crap, but i dunno wat i am i know so much already its kinda hard for me to say im a beginner although ive only played for 3 months. i mean i know (and can play succesfully) almost all the barre chords and all the open chords and minor and all that crap and if i have a scale i can play it pretty well in a few minutes and can learn songs in like an hour. Im not even tryin to be cocky i just wanna know if i should consider myself intermediate or still a begginer. (sorry about the length of the post)
You're probably still a beginner if all you can play is different chords and bar chords. You're a beginner who is making very good progress.
Generally you're ranked by theory in this section. How well trained your ear is, what scales you know to solo and what chord progressions you can create. Also your knowledge of intervals and use of phrasing.

If you don't understand that little paragraph then you're still a beginner, but you've come to a good place. Head over to the columns and lessons sections. There are buttons on the top of the page. I would suggest reading 'The Crusade' series.
yeah, i guess in this forum, it's about knowing your stuff, and knowing what it actually means. if you only know the chords by memory, and you only know the songs by tabs, then you're still a bit of a beginner. Your gusto for the instrument, and particularly the theory is commendable, and you should continue on with it.

The best place to start is with intervals, and learning how to apply them to the fretboard, and how they are the building blocks of all music theory. Intervals will allow you to play any scale you know, in any key, all over the neck in any direction, as long as you know where the first note is. Intervals help you build chords, and make it easier to figure out how to modify chords to suit your needs when you're writing your own songs.

which brings me to my next point... you should try writing your own songs. But be careful. You need to come to terms with the fact that if you stick with the instrument, your abilities will grow quickly, and you will be forced to abandon most of your older songs as your skills increase to the point that you have your own style. The only way to develop a style is to write music constantly, and choose the music you like the best as the stuff to base your next songs off of. lots of people are frustrated or disillusioned at having to abandon their first song they ever tried to write, and it holds them back creatively. You should strive to only keep the VERY best stuff you write.

a lot of people choose a favorite band, one whose guitarist(s) satisfy most of their musical aspirations, and they learn a bunch of their songs, and learn theory at the same time, and then obviously attempt to understand the songs in terms of the theory behind the music. I, like many others, did this with Led Zeppelin, and i'm glad i did. Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were both highly respected session musicians when they formed zeppelin, and that high level of musicality showed through in their music, and that's what i've taken from zep... the idea that it's more important to be musical than it is to stick to a standard idea of what your "genre" is. Obviously you can choose any band you like....
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I'm going through pretty much the same thing i been playin for 4 and a half months and i play alot of chords and stuff but learn songs in like 30 min - 1hour

i hate when ppl alwayz say i suck at guitar when im already makin some nice solos nd stuff so i know how u feel
Haha, I know the feeling, dude. When I started (almost three years ago, now...) everyone always said 'dude, you suck'. Everyone always told me I was just a beginner, and that was the end of it.

BUT, I made good progress. No one could deny that. It sounds to me like you're on that track. You're making great progress, and you'll be a pretty good player once you know some more techniques.