are there any other good metal bands in drop c other than bullet,children of bodom and as i lay dying?
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Disturbed,Killswitch Engage.. There are quite a few more.
system of a down did C# i believe.

Black label society and new ozzy i THINK... later sabbath also i think.
A lot of Mastodon songs are much easier in Drop C, and Sleeping Giant is already in Drop C. System of a Down's best stuff is in Drop C, meaning Toxicity, Steal this Album, their self-titled album, and a few songs on mezmerize/hypnotize, like Attack. Atreyu is in Drop C, altho alot of ppl dont consider them metal.
System played Drop C for System of a Down, Steal this album! and Toxicity.

Hypnotize and Mezmerize is Drop D flat or whatever you'd like to call it.
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P.O.D too...but they're more ROCK than metal.

Christian rock no less
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Hatebreed does all of their stuff in Drop C.
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Deftones...if you consider them metal. P.O.D too...but they're more ROCK than metal.

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