On MSN Messanger it will randomly send this

this looks alot like you :S http://imageshare.hostsnake.com/viewimage.php?=xxxxxxxx

Where it says xxxxxxxx is where the email of the person you are talking to is. It does it automatically and I have no control over it. It all started the other day, my frirnd started sending it to other people with no control and now my computer does it. Anyone else have/had this problem and can help me out?
msn virus... this calls for a murder-suicide pact.
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It's a virus thing, delete MSN & Re-install it.

Should do the trick.

already tried, still doing it. I have Windows Live Messanger too if that makes a difference.
when that happened on my computer, i had no idea what it was, so i screwed up my computer pretty bad. Just reinstall it and it should be fine.

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Does the link u posted in here have the virus in it too?

Yes, i believe ill repo it.
One of my contacts has it, and, speak of the devil, "he" just signed in right now for the first time in ages and sent:

http: //www.CheckMessenger2.net <--Find out who deleted you from the MSN without noticing it!!! says:
Check out this web http: //www.contact-list-analyser.tk it tells you who deleted or blocked you from their MSN

the best one is

"omg look who is a murderer from our old school" and some link

and u look at the person and ur like...i did not go to school with this person lol
If reinstalling it didn't work, it could be attached to your System 32.


Just do a scan... And yeah... Don't click links on MSN
I got one from a 8 year old:

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Press CTRL +ALT + DELETE and look for an unusual program. Will most likley end in .exe. I belevae this should work

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How do you get these damn things, is it clicking links spammed by others?

Yes. You can easily tell its a virus cuz 1) Its a diffrent font and 2) It's not even a pic file, its a zip o.O